Berrie, Dave, Jude and that adorable bump.

For my entire life my family spent time at Sylvan Lake for our summer vacation. My great-grandparents had a cottage (which my parents now use), my grandparents have a cottage and now I spend a ton of time out there in the summers with my own kids. Dave also grew up spending his summers at his families cottage at Sylvan. We didn't really know each other growing up, but when Berrie came into the picture I got to know them a bit more, and what a privilege it has been. They live in Edmonton, and back when I lived there  I captured their very first shoot together. It was about 12 years ago, and I can't believe they invested in me when back when. Since then I have captured all their major events. Their engagement shoot, wedding, and all the in-betweens. It is a delight to watch them grow as a family and couple. When they suggested doing their maternity shots at the lake this time around, I knew it was the perfect location as I understand how much this place means to them. Jude is such a clever little boy with a friendly engaging personality. I didn't want to stop shooting because he was entertaining me so much. He was talking, singing, dancing, it was my kind of night. I rewarded Jude with some skittles from the secret candy drawer, so I am pretty sure we are friends forever now. I think when you look at these photos you will get a feel for the love this family shares.