The Rudmik crew

Firstly, happy New Year! Secondly, I am still alive (who would have thought with my web silence). Thirdly, this family is really, undeniably amazing. They are the type of family that make me really want to have more kids. When they arrive at a scene, you notice them. Not because of chaos but rather because of how cool, chill and kind they are (in this sentence I really wish that kind could be spelt with a "c" because alliteration is cool). Cheyanne is an incredible mother, friend and force. I think all who know her would give her the supermom award, although Cheyanne would never accept it because she is also the humblest person I know. She also started a very (and I mean VERY) cool and modern online store called bandit cubs which you should go check out. The world is definitely a better place with this family in it. Also side note, the kids were amazing on this shoot. It was cold, and I was wearing a full coat, and they didn't complain at all. I would like to award them all 58 gold stars.