Curtis, Oksana and Alexander

When Curtis and Oksana asked me to photograph their family I was thrilled. They are super fun, and talented photographers from Edmonton (check them out here). It is always a bit humbling, and also a major honour when a fellow photographer asks you to document their stories. I had butterflies in my stomach before, during and after the shoot, longing to do this family justice.

Curtis, Oksana and Alexander love being outdoors, and especially love the snow (they don't even mind the cold, crazy right?). It was perfect that the weekend they were coming down we had a fresh snowfall . Side note, If anyone is reading this, please let the record show that I love winter shoots, they are so magical.  

I took the family to one of my favourite locations in Fish Creek, and then they entertained me. I loved watching them chase Alexander around, and how their eyes sparkled as they made him laugh. At one point we came to this spot I often take my own kids, and the birds will swoosh down, at times landing on hands. I was really hoping it would work out for this shoot. Curtis was a bit freaked out by the whole thing, but Alexander and Oksana loved it. Don't scroll down too quick or you might miss their amazing expressions from that part of the shoot. 

This family was full of energy, and if I wouldn't have been so frozen at the end I wouldn't have wanted to say goodbye. I especially loved watching Alexander as he is just about the same age as Lewis, and I could fully imagine them being good friends. I am really hoping to get those boys together sometime soon, because I want to spend time with all of them (they had me in stitches). Thanks again Oksana and Curtis for allowing me to spend time with you. When I look at your photos, I can't help but smile.  Anyone want to book a snow session? If you do book one, I might reward you with 14 gold stars.