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A Snowy East Village Family Session | Calgary Lifestyle Photographer

I have not written any books, but I would say I am a writer. So one might think I would be an excellent blogger. In my early twenties, I did blog, when it was all about words, and processing my faith, and the world around me. It wasn’t about my photos, or keeping up a social media presence. It was therapeutic and I enjoyed it. For some reason, now I find blogging (is that even a word?) difficult. Perhaps because I want to have the right words to accompany the photos. Perhaps because for some reason showcasing my photography seems more vulnerable then showcasing my heart. Regardless, I will once again attempt a few blog posts, because when I see these photographs as collections, rather then just isolated instagram squares, they come alive. The stories and personalities of the lovely people I photograph are told through multiple photographs, and my strength as an artist comes in the those stories, not in one perfect square. As I attempt to share my images and words on this format again, I hope that some of you will let me know what connects with you.

I decided to start my first 2019 post with this family session, because the weather mirrors todays weather. However this was a session from the beginning of October. I had been excited to work with this family for months. Every time we tried to book something the weather would protest. We rebooked multiple times. When the October date arrived and it was ridiculously snowy, we contemplated moving it again, I am so glad we didn’t. I fell in love with these guys immediately, and I think you will too. I admired their style and could sense their interconnectedness. They braved the cold for a few photos before moving into the Simmons building for some warm beverages. I felt like they were old friends, and wished my family was with me, so we could have all hung out together. I challenge you to look at these photos and not want to be friends with them. Before we get to the images, can we not discuss how lovely snow sessions are? Some people might hesitate to book winter/spring sessions, but I honestly think they can end up being so unique and magical. So if you are interested in some having a fun winter session with me, send me a message! I might give you a discount :)