Paul & Marie Mountain Engagement Session

Many times as a photographer when I head out to shoots it can be like heading out to a blind date. Often I head out to shoots, not knowing what my clients look like, and hoping we will be compatible. I am sure my inner dialogue on the way to this shoot was "please like me, please like me, be cool, be cool". Obviously my goal when I first meet my clients is to put them at ease, but these two were so sweet and friendly that they had me feeling comfortable in a matter of seconds. Besides being gorgeous and stylish, they were just so stinking nice. The way Paul looks at Marie is the way every girl dreams of being admired. I could imagine them someday 50 years from now being the cutest old couple still holding hands and being the best of friends. Thank you so much for being so wonderful. If I can keep this whole blogging thing up you might see their elegant wedding on here too.