Hope Hill - Calgary Family Lifestyle Photographer

I sit in today’s office of choice, Phil & Sebastian, sipping my now too cold americano, writing these words. I listen to my study playlist, classical music that makes my heart feel as though it would burst with the beauty of it all. Which is perfectly appropriate as this family session also makes my heart feel as though it will burst with their overwhelming aura of beauty. My desire is that you feel the hope and life pouring out of these images. When my friend Jacqui approached me about capturing her family, we knew immediately the perfect location. Our friendship is deep, and I would say the majority of our times together are spent in Fish Creek, surrounded by beauty so expansive. The trees and sky forgiving us over and over as we through our deepest questions at them. We choose this specific location in Fish Creek as it is a spot we have often walked/ran together and separately. Evangeline the eldest daughter long ago named the spot Hope hill, and even writing that brings tears of knowing to my eyes. For if any of my friends understands this concept it is Jacqui, for even in our darkest days there is hope to be found, especially on Hope hill. Jacqui’s daughters are wild and free, unique and brave, girls that I know will grow up changing the world. This past fall the weather was all over the map, and like my last post, we almost ended up cancelling the shoot due to weather. What a shame that would have been, their was a slight drizzle of rain, and some wild winds, but mostly it all just added to the romance of the session. I always put my heart and soul into my sessions, but this one I felt an extra responsibility to tell their story well. I think you should try and make it right to the end, for we were delighted by the appearance of a rainbow as we were heading back to our cars. I wish all my sessions ended with rainbows.