Fish Creek

Lindsay, Juan, Iago and Felix, Adventure Session - Calgary Family Lifestyle Photographer

Before I say anything else, I warn you this is a long post, but I hope you make it through. It’s a session that brought my heart great joy.

My aim is not to just take pretty pictures. I will always be more delighted by a photo filled with soul, then a photo that is just a documentation of flesh. I want my photos to be filled with story and presence. That they would see life, not static, but alive and active but most of all true. Truer then a perfect smile.

This family is probably the most interesting family I have ever had the pleasure of befriending. Juan is from Spain, Lindsay is an Alberta girl. They met and married while Lindsay was working abroad. Iago their eldest was born in France, and Felix was born in Calgary. We both moved back to Canada around the same time, and met through mutual friends. Lindsay and I bonded over our love for adventures and our desire to find beauty in anything, especially the unexpected places. Lindsay, Juan, Iago and Felix were kind souls, with a contagious Joie De Vivre. This past summer they decided to follow their hearts and move to beautiful Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I am so proud of them for taking this leap, and doing all the can to live the lives they dreamt of. I miss them dearly, but I love following along with Lindsay’s extraordinary life through her Instagram. You should go follow here, as her photos are fantastic and the way she sees the world is unique and her style is ridiculously fabulous. So grateful for the years we spent together, and now I am dreaming of documenting them one day in their new home. Lindsay wrote about our experience working together, here is what she said:

Kristy-Anne is a magical storyteller through the images that she captures. Receiving our gallery was like opening a book. It told the story of a sunset family picnic. It even included guest appearances by a deer and grasshopper. We booked a summer photography session with Kristy-Anne and that night remains one of our favourite memories in Fish Creek Park.

What we loved about working with Kristy-Anne is that she isn't one to direct you into overdone poses. In fact I don't think we have any shots of us all looking at the camera, instead we are looking at each other and this I find is a lot more natural. It definitely made my kids, and even my husband, feel at ease. As we walked along paths, tiptoed across logs or splashed in the water she was there, manoeuvring excellently to position herself into getting the best angle of us. Going into the shoot we brainstormed about what we both wanted and she provided direction beforehand, but on the actual night she stalked and followed our lead.

These images are treasures the we all look back at fondly and I can't think of someone I would trust more. Thank-you Kristy-Anne for your beautiful work.

Well Lindsay and family, it is really I who am thankful.