The Lambert Family - Calgary Family Lifestyle Session

Spring, what a gift to the soul. Forever and always my heart will be encouraged by the hope that comes with April’s sun melting winters layers of snow. The birds are singing so loudly each morning, their melodies reminding my kids and I to be attentive to the daily growth. We check the trees for buds, Lewis gets quite competitive about it, cheering for the trees that are showing off, with early signs of bursting forth. We watch as the bunnies change colours, and notice as the green grass replaces the brown. All of it, reminds me that no matter how dark, how long, how cold the winter, there will always be growth and life. This spring, and I expect every other spring, I will need this reminder.

With Spring comes easter. And for me that reminder of the hope and life that is available to a hurting and broken world. Hope that is so needed. The session I am posting below is of the Lambert family. They are a family that spend their entire lives trying to spread this hope. They passionately spread love, and devote themselves to trying to make our city a better place. Jonathan and Natasha are pastors at Experience Church the church that I attend. If you are interested in knowing more about their church and being a part of a beautiful community you could consider attending a service.

This family is so special, and they are just so welcoming to one and all. I hope you enjoy viewing some of the images we captured this past year.