Baby Norah - Calgary Family Lifestyle

Fall 2018 was shockingly snowy. On the morning of this newborn session their was had been a ridiculous snow storm for the beginning of October. The roads were barely moving. I was panicked knowing I would never make it on time to my session. It took over two hours longer then it would have normally taken me to get to my clients home. I had left early but not early enough for this type of snow storm. Thankfully my clients were relaxed, and told me not to worry about being late. I can think of nothing better on a snow day then cuddling a newborn. As soon as I arrived, I felt as though all the cold and stress fell from my body as I sensed this families warmth. June the eldest daughter was eager to show me around the house and to show off her baby sister. I find it so fascinating how every baby is different and has not only their own physical unique physical attributes, but also unique characteristics. Norah was beautiful and I adored her full head of hair. When I had first walked into the house the mother, Kristen, had Norah in a baby carrier. Which it turns out is how she had to have Norah most of the time, as she would just not settle if not held by her Mom, even when sleeping. This made it extremely difficult to get photos of Norah by herself. Part of me wished so bad I could have captured more photos of Norah by herself, but at the same time, this will be part of their story. They will look back at these photos years from now, laughing at how Norah refused to be put down, probably wondering how they made it through those early days. There was no shortage of love to be felt by these four, and it was a delight to spend a few hours with them on this snowy October day.