Adele, Preston and their parents

It's only February and I am on my 6th post of the year. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself. I will award myself one chocolate covered almond (maybe 2... or 3...). I might be flipping all over the place here on the blog, from old to new shoots, from babies to weddings. I don't have a fancy strategy, I am basically just trying to vary the posts, really hoping to keep you people on the world wide web guessing and perhaps even interested.

Todays post is from back in September, one of the busiest months for photographers. Everyone wants to catch some of that fall magic. As much as I love the fall colours in a park, I was thrilled to be able to capture the fall colours, but in a different sort of environment.  I love my clients so much and I never know if I make them laugh more, or if they make me laugh more. Either way, lots of laughter isn't a bad thing. Shauna and Jeremy are such a stunning couple, it's no wonder their kids are so gorgeous. Adele and Preston were so cute together and it reminded me so much of Cosette and Lewis' relationship.  The kids were loving that water and I am so surprised their clothes stayed dry till the end. If you haven't been to St. Patrick's island you are fully missing out, it is such a great place to hang out with friends and family. In the summer there are often food trucks, live music, and plenty of ducks to keep everyone happy. 

Baby Teddy

Happy Family Day friends. I was so happy to have some extra time off from the school routine and more time to spend connecting with my family. Our schedules are often all over the place and we don't often get to spend long weekends together, so I think I was extra grateful for the time spent as a unit. As Lewis is getting older I am finding we have more options for activities and it is so entertaining watching him interact with the world and others (especially his sister). I hope your weekends were brilliant, and that you all got extra cuddles. 

Well in honour of family day, here is an incredible family that I have had the delight of photographing for years. From their Punta Cana wedding, to each new birth I find myself falling more in love with this family. Brittany doesn't age, and seems so at home (and calm) with a houseful of boys. Nick is a hero to these boys, you can tell they adore him. Baby Teddy is ridiculously cute with his back hair, and baby wrinkles. Don't get me started on his lips. I kind of wanted to stop the shoot and just cuddle him all day. Thank you Britt and Nick for letting me be a part of so many of your families big moments. Side note Brittany started a etsy shop for her incredible high quality and adorable knit hats, If you follow me on instagram (and you should) you can see Cosette wearing one of her hats in a recent post. Find her on etsy here and follow her on instagram here