Photos thanks to  David Guenther  

Photos thanks to David Guenther 

Hi, my name is Kristy-Anne Swart

The Why

I am passionate about capturing and preserving authentic love and beauty.

Let me explain from my own experience. Each day, no matter what has happened, before I go to bed, I sneak glances at my little humans, Cosette and Lewis, full of gratitude and love. I look at them and marvel, a curious mixture of sadness and joy in my heart as I witness them growing so fast. Some days, I can't wait to see who they will become, what they will do with their lives, and other days I want them to stay little forever. What I know is I don't want to forget these stages, each of them.

I am passionate about documenting the little things in my own life because it's sometimes these little things that end up being the things we treasure and miss the most. I regularly go though old photos of my kids and my heart is filled with so many lovely emotions, I am so grateful for those preserved memories, that allow me to revisit those moments.

Nostalgia, a powerful and beautiful thing. I want you to have those gifts too. I am convinced that you will not regret investing in a photoshoot. In fact, I believe that you will value the photos more over time. Don't wait till you have lost weight, or your kids get over their awkward smiles. Now is the time to celebrate your most precious gifts. I want to help you capture those special moments in your lives, from weddings, birthdays, babies, or even a random day at the beach. Whatever you love, whatever you cherish, let's capture that. 


History of Up And Away

I have always enjoyed the arts.  My earliest memories are of creating things. I always dreamed of being an artist when I grew up, but practical me didn't think it was a feasible career option. As a 12 year old I would read books, and cross stitch. As a  15 year old I would spend hundreds of hours on paintings or drawing and my lunch hours in the dark room. I basically took any art class I could in school.

After completing high school I studied photography at N.A.I.T. and knew photography was what I wanted to do. I understood the power in it, but wasn't quite sure what direction I wanted to take my business. I was a stock photographer for quite a few years and enjoyed the variety and challenge of it. I met and married Darryl, a musician from South Africa. I then moved to Nashville with him.  We travelled the world, had some great adventures but wanted to move to Canada for our next big adventure, starting a family.

It was then, in 2009, that I decided to move away from stock photography and into starting my own business as a lifestyle photographer. Two kids, Cosette and Lewis, 21.3 million laughs, some tears, and a lot of adventures here I am. 

I, like most others enjoy  coffee, wine, exploring, music, cooking and meaningful relationships. If you want to see what my day to day life is like follow me on instagram (the link is on the bottom of each page). Alternatively you could contact me, and we could get to know each other. I am a bit shy at first, but I think we would be friends.